Why Invest in the HQ of Hope?

The HQ of Hope is more than a building project. The HQ of Hope is the home of Covenant Community Services, Inc. (Covenant) and the base of all Covenant operations that serve foster children, former foster youth, families and the needy. 1700N Chester is more than an address or a building. It truly is a Headquarters of Hope (HQ of Hope)!

The HQ of Hope will house the coffee roasting business, a coffee-house for Covenant Coffee, a community meeting and training room, and the offices for all Covenant staff. The three social enterprises of the nonprofit will operate out of the HQ of Hope. That is why this is more than a simply gift for operations. It is an investment into lives and the community.

The Covenant Coffee-House will employ former foster youth and teach vocational skills, customer relations, and the disciplines of work. Covenant Media will train former foster youth in the art of journalism, media relations, social media and sales. Covenant Coffee Roasting is the production arm of Covenant Coffee and trains foster youth in distribution, business basics, packaging and roasting. Together, these three unique social enterprises will provide living wages for over 15 former foster youth. As you can see, this is a great investment into the future and a source of hope for former foster y9uth inKernCounty.

The remainder of the HQ of Hope is dedicated to community training, counseling space and offices. The HQ of Hope will have a large conference/training room that will enable Covenant to host classes for former foster youth on a monthly basis. These trainings are led by community leaders and emphasize diligence, dreaming, goal setting, safety, education and social development. The training room is a great source of hope and another investment into the lives of former foster youth and children.

The HQ of Hope is a 5,800 square foot building with great potential to change lives and transform the community. It is obvious that buildings don’t change lives but they do provide the space to do so. Your help in making this project happen is greatly needed. Covenant needs investors that believe in the future for former foster youth and want to do something about it. This is not Facebook and we don’t want you to “like” the idea. We need you to get involved and give today.

Please consider making a New Year gift to Covenant today and write HQ of Hope in the memo of your check. If you prefer giving online go to www.covenantcs.net to do so or go to the “Donate Now” button in the upper right corner of this page.


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