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Featured on ABC, NBC, and dozens of media platforms over the past decade, Covenant Coffee is turning America's morning, afternoon, and evening coffee drinking into power for a good cause. They call it: hope in a cup!

Each bag of coffee purchased gets freshly and locally roasted by the formerly foster youth. The coffee roaster provides job training, mentoring, housing assistance, and social services/case management to the formerly foster youth to help drive positive outcomes and change.

And this coffee is goodOur fans know: its not just coffee with a cause, it is some of the best tasting specialty coffee on the market, period.

ABC Interviews Covenant Chief Encouragement Officer Randy Martin and formerly foster youth Assistant Manager Sabrina Leal in this highlight from 2021.

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These six popular fan-favorites bring hope in a cup to your doorstep. Always Freshly roasted. Always benefiting job training, social services, community building, mentoring, and more for the formerly foster youth.

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building community is personal

"We launched Covenant Coffee in 2008. Covenant is a response for the need to train, mentor and employ foster youth. The idea is to roast great coffee, create incredible drinks, and increase the coffee culture while employing and training foster youth in the business.⁠⁠ We aim to roast and serve hope in a cup in Bakersfield, in California, in the United States. But Building community is personal, it starts here and with us. We hope others enjoy our coffee and buy into the mission."  - Randy and Kim Martin, Founders, Covenant Community Services and Covenant Coffee

Join to hear stories of hope:

The foster youth of covenant in their own words

Former foster youth Tanner participated with the Covenant Community Services program THP for over 24 months. Here from his own words how the program, with each cup of coffee, helped his formation as an independent adult in a life after being a foster youth.

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