Watch for the Covenant “HQ of Hope” campaign in this Sunday’s Californian

Covenant Community Services, Inc, (Covenant) has launched an aggressive year-end campaign to raise the funds needed to complete the construction of the Headquarters of Hope (HQ of Hope). The HQ of Hope is located at 1700 North Chester Ave in Bakersfield, California. The new building will be the home of all Covenant programs and a new coffee house!

We need your help to raise the remaining construction budget. We need $83,000.00 to complete the project. To jumpstart our fundraising efforts we have re-launched the “It’s not a lot of money to a lot of people” campaign!

HQ of Hope will house the following services:

  • Covenant Foster Care
  • Covenant CARENET
  • Covenant Therapeutic Behavioral Services
  • Covenant Building Blocks
  • Covenant Transitional Housing Plus
  • Covenant Horse Program
  • Covenant Media
  • Covenant Coffee
  • Covenant for Tanzanian Children
  • Covenant Jeremiah Mentoring Project

Daily, the outreach of Covenant Community Services at HQ of Hope will reach over 300 children, youth and families that have been scarred by child abuse and neglect. Help us make the difference and bring hope!

Watch this video to witness the impact your donation makes on our community and in the lives of former foster youth.

To raise $83,000.00 to remodel the Headquarters of Hope at 1700 N Chester Ave. for all Covenant services and a coffee house staffed by former foster youth. This will create 8-10 jobs for former foster youth in Kern County!

Ask as many folks as possible to get involved by giving financially to help us purchase the HQ of Hope. 1000 people give $83.00 and some can give more!

What can you do to help the HQ of Hope Campaign?
Here is what we are asking you to do. Get involved. Please get involved by sharing the goals, dreams and plan of the HQ of Hope campaign. You can also be involved in one of the options below:

1. Pray – please pray for the HQ of Hope campaign.
2. Give – choose an amount to give and send Covenant a check!
3. Share – share the HQ of Hope campaign with your friends, co-workers, church and family. Help us get the word out.
a. Direct people to so they can give, pray and keep informed about the goals, dreams and progress.

Catch the Vision and Spread Hope!

Thanks …

We thank you in advance for your compassion and generosity! Your participation through prayer, giving and sharing will help us move into a new home for Covenant… the Headquarters of Hope! At the Headquarters of Hope, lives will be transformed and you will play a major role in changing our community and generations one child/youth at a time.

More to Come …

We will be sharing more information in the days to come. Please check our facebook page, twitter, and the website – for more information. To find out more about Covenant go to


Randy Martin

Tax-deductions are provided based upon federal and state laws. The amount of value on claimed gifts from Covenant will be subtracted from the donor amount with the balance provided as a tax-deductible gift from the donor.

Covenant Community Services, Inc is a California nonprofit with IRS 501 (c)3 designation. Our Tax ID #421584502

Call us at 661-829-6999 to get involved!

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