Stories of hope and struggle face foster youth

Below are links to good articles that appeared recently in the news. These stories of hope and struggle are meant to inspire and inform. They are shared to encourage and educate. 

Please share this link with those you think would benefit from the positive examples and overcoming stories.

Some stories are a sad reflection of a broken and often dysfunctional system. 

Former foster youth beats the odds the 

A Sense of Home celebrates decoration of 200th placement.

Bikes for foster youth in Bakersfield

Job readiness training for foster youth in Kentucky

Ways to help youth that age out of foster care

A story of hope fulfulled – Finally adopted!

This is a post from Covenant Commnity Services, Inc (Covenant). Covenant is a California nonprofit with 501(c)3 designation and the parent organizatoon of Covenant Coffee. Covenant serves foster youth and former foster youth through transitional housing programs, employment training, memtoring, and all around case manaagement. The work is done in partnership with the Kern County Department of Human Services, tje Housing Authority of Kern County, and individuals, businesses, civic groyps, and the faith community. The mission of Covennat is restoring lives and transforming generations of foster youth.

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