12 oz bag

Roast Level: City Plus Roast. (Light-Medium)

Cupping Notes: Strawberry. Peach. Black tea.

Grade: Peaberry

Region: Mt. Kilimanjaro

Process: Natural / Sun Dried

Origin is the single most important factor in determining coffee’s quality. As with wine; soil, elevation, precipitation and climate all work together to define how good coffee can be.

APK’s farms on the high mesas around Mt. Kilimanjaro enjoy numerous advantages from the world’s largest free standing mountain. Its volcanic and mineral rich soils are some of the most fertile in Africa and are perfect for growing premium arabica coffee. Reaching almost 6,000 meters into the sky, Mt. Kilimanjaro also holds great influence over the local weather, bringing rain and snow melt to our farms via a sophisticated system of furrows.

Our location, just a few hundred kilometers from the equator, means we have steady, year-round sun that provides consistent growing seasons. The reliable sunshine has also enabled us to use solar power as a source of electricity on all of our farms. In a region where electricity is sporadic at best, our solar system has eliminated downtime and increased efficiency.

Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do. Not only does it protect the environment that is essential to our coffee, it guarantees economic stability and social support to the communities that depend on our farms.