Nicaragua SHG EP Jinotega


12 oz bag

Roast Level: Full City (Traditional Medium)

Cupping Notes: Chocolate. Caramel. Melon

Region: San Juan Rio Coco

Process: Washed

UCA San Juan del Rio Coco is based in the northern highlands of Nicaragua. The coop has a membership of 8 cooperatives and 430 individual farmers of which a quarter are women. UCA San Juan is all about high quality coffee. Their efforts and resources are spent in taking care of the entire production of this small group of producers to ensure greater international market share, competitive pricing and quality control. They are organic and Fairtrade certified.

We are proud to be a family-first organization. This means we place great value on working relationships and the family as the core of society. Our mentoring, job training and employment helps youth develop a “family” they have never had. This shot is the brother-sister duo of Zach and Shelby Martin serving with joy and compassion.