Mexico Marachi


Marachi is a captivating coffee that captures the essence of the Chiapas region’s coffee. In Mexico’s southern landscapes, the Chiapas region is the prominent hub for coffee cultivation. Its geographical location is ideal climate and elevation for growing coffee beans. Its unique combination of fertile volcanic soil, rainfall, and different altitudes creates an environment conducive to producing mild and sweet coffee with intricate flavor profiles. The hardworking smallholder farmers who tend to these coffee plants are an integral part of Chiapas’ identity, employing traditional and sustainable practices that have been passed down. Marachi coffee is known for its sweet acidity, dark chocolate, and hints of brown spice flavors.

Size: 12 oz bag whole bean

Roast Level: Medium (Full City)

Cupping Notes: Dark Chocolate, Brown Sugar, with a smooth Lemony Finish.

Grade: SHG EP

Region: Chiapas

Process: Washed

Harvest Month: December to April

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