Honduras San Vicente


A dreamer, Cantalicio Paz wanted to have a booming family coffee farm.
In 2001, Fidel Paz’ father’s dream became a reality when San Vicente
began exporting coffee. Over the past nearly 20 years, San Vicente has
invested time, money and resources becoming quality control experts.
That, combined with the volcanic soil near Lake Yojoa and the ideal
climate, have caused San Vicente to be well-known for quality and
consistency. In addition to exporting, they also help over 1,500 small
farmers in all aspects of coffee production, developing relationships in
achieving success through trust, dedication and hard work.
CUPPING NOTES: Medium Acidity, Smooth Body, Chocolate, Herbal,
Lime, Clean Finish.

REGION: Santa Barbara
BENEFICIO: San Vicente
ALTITUDE: 1,000 – 1,550+ M
PROCESSING: Fully Washed, Machine-Dried
VARIETAL: Bourbon, Catimor, Lemira, Pacas
HARVEST MONTHS: January to May