Ethiopia Sidamo


Adulina PLC has revolutionized the Ethiopian coffee scene. Drawing from his formative years at Mullege, under the guidance of his father Mustafa Awel, Mahabub launched his company with a commitment to premium coffee. The company’s state-of-the-art facilities in Addis Ababa and specialized pulping stations enable the delivery of exceptional arabica beans to the market. Adulina PLC is deeply involved in enhancing the coffee community. Projects like the construction of vital infrastructure in Areka and a sustainable water initiative in Kochere Yirgacheffe illustrate the company’s dedication to social responsibility. They promote environmentally friendly coffee production, ensuring the continued prosperity of Ethiopia’s coffee heritage as well as improve local living conditions.

Ethiopian Sidamo Natural Grade 3 coffee comes from the Sidamo region, well known for its unique coffee profiles. The “Natural” processing method involves drying the coffee cherries in the sun with the bean still inside, imparting a fruitier and more wine-like flavor to the coffee.  Grade 3 classification offers a good quality cup with the distinct berry notes, full body, and earthy undertones that Sidamo coffees are celebrated for. This grade is a popular choice for those looking to experience the authentic and traditional tastes of Ethiopian coffee.

Size: 12oz

Roast Level: Light Roast (City)

Grind: Whole bean

Region: Sidamo

Process: Natural, Sun dried

Cupping Notes: Mild acidity to go along with brown spice, baker’s chocolate, and berries. 

Roast Level: City Roast (Light Roast)

Harvest: November to January

Varietals: Ethiopian Heirloom

Altitude: 2,000 to 2,2000 meters

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