Costa Rica Tarrazu


12 oz bag

Roast Level: Full City Roast. (Traditional Medium)

Cupping Notes: Orange citrus. Apple. Black tea.

Grade: SHB EP

Region/Dry Mill Location: Santa Maria de Dota

Process: Washed

Coop Dota was founded in 1960 and has 850 members living throughout the canton of Dota within the province of San Jose. They strive for a sustainable economic impact in the community through the creation of jobs. They also sell roasted coffee for national consumption, operate a coffee shop, hardware store, and offer guided tours of their coffee farms.

This building is the HQ of Hope. It is the home of our social service programs, head to to learn more, our coffee house, a roasting facility, and production. We are located on the street that the Streets of Bakersfield song was named for!

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