Out of the mouth of babes!

Matthew 21:16 records Jesus speaking about children, “Doyou hear what these children are saying?” they asked him. “Yes,” repliedJesus, “have you never read, “‘From the lips of children and infants  you, Lord, have called forth your praise’?”

At RFKC on Tuesday, the “babes” of camp led a group in praise as we discussed Jesus and deep theology. You wouldn’t think that a camp for foster children ages 6-11 years would yield such a weighty discussion but that is exactly what happened. The talk came during an outing just for the boys as the girls were busy enjoying a Tea Party.

We had just finished a hike and I was leading the boys in a discussion about the character and nature of Jesus. I asked about how the pictures usually portray Jesus. The children replied, “gentle”, “nice”, “kind”, “loving”, “white”, “long-haired wearing a robe” and “not mean”. We came to the conclusion that Jesus is often portrayed as a “sissy”. Next, I showed ways in the Bible where Jesus isn’t a sissy.

Our discussion moved from the cross, and Jesus taking our sin and shame through death, to the second coming of Jesus where He comes back as a warrior with fire in His eyes and the King of Kings and Lord of Lords written on his robe and thigh. The kids got a picture of a different Jesus and this is where things began to get very interesting.

Suddenly, questions were coming from everywhere and everyone,

“Does Jesus speak spanish?”

“Did God and Jesus create the earth and then invite us … who came first?”

“Is Joseph Jesus’ dad or is it God?”

“Who do we pray to Jesus or God?”

“So your saying Jesus and God are three people put in one … how does that work?”

“When Jesus comes back what will I do? And, what will happen when He comes back … I gotta see that!”

“If a bee stings me and I get hurt – does that happen in heaven?”

The questions just kept coming with some children providing excellent answers. Still, I did not expect our discussion to become so elaborate and deep. The children drove it to a very amazing level and I felt privileged to sit on a stump and respond with Biblical truth that can shape and change their minds and hearts.

Just as we were wrapping things up, one of the youngest kids at camp began a long question.

“So, if a bee lands on my leg and stings me. I hurt. Will that happen in Heaven?”

I explained that the Bible teaches that there are no tears, no pain, no sickness and no bee stings, snakes, or evil or bad things in Heaven. The little boy was satisfied with my response and then asked, “Well, when that will happen?”

I stated, “When Jesus comes back to rule forever.”

At which point he confidently said, “Well, He should hurry it up!”

I could only say, “Let’s pray!”

Out of the mouth of babes … Amazing! What an honor to be with God’s children and the “fatherless” that are so close to His heart. Our staff and the counselors are doing such an incredible job. They are serving tirelessly and without break to “sound the note of God’s love” through their lives and lips. It is working. The children are feeling God’s love and accepting His grace.

Thank you for praying. Thank you for sending us to the children. God is being glorified and the note is being sounded greatly!


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