New Videos about hope for former foster youth posted

HQ of Hope revealed three videos produced by Covenant Media. These clips were created by former foster youth as part of our vocational and social mentoring services and supports. Hope lives here isn’t a simple slogan. Hope lives here is a lifestyle for those that partner with Covenant by giving of their time, talent and treasure. Enjoy the videos and the inspiring stories of hope.

There are three posted vimeo videos – go to Covenant Media

1) HQ of Hope Story and teaser – this video was shot by Jeremy and Lajoy, former foster youth now working at Covenant. Covenant staff, Tim and Lindsay, were on hand to teach, train and mentor.

2) This is part of Lajoy’s story – simply an inspiration and a great reminder of the key developmental asset of hope. Hope inspires and hope sets us free from the chains of the past that lock our mind and soul to trauma and pain. Hope crushes fear and doubt!

3) This video is a clip from a speaking engagement Randy Martin, Covenant CEO, had with former foster youth in Kern County. Randy challenged the youth to make the most of life by chasing purpose and living out the dream God has placed in our heart.

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