Keeping the movement moving for foster kids through Royal Family Kids Camps

I love leading leaders! There is something to engaging with people that are ready to tackle an issue or respond to a call. Leaders are learners. Training leaders is a joy when you witness the “lights come on” and inspiration and education leads to action. We get to witness this each summer as we leave home to teach, train and inspire.

This week, Kim and I are blessed to be able to participate in the new directors training for Royal Family Kids Camp’s (RFKC) RFKC is a weeklong summer camp for foster children ages 6-11 years old. The camps are ran by volunteers and sponsored by churches and the community. The purpose of our travel is training new directors at a “live” RFKC with and existing camp full of foster children.  It is an eye opening experience for these passionate leaders.

This summer, training takes us to North Carolina. There are five teams here to be trained from across the nation and around the world. We have leaders from churches in Maryland, Indiana, Connecticut, Georgia, and Poland.

Since retiring from directing the Bakersfield RFK in 2011, we have had the privilege of training nearly 40 camps to launch across the United States. We are trying to keep the movement moving that has changed our lives and the lives of others. 

It has been sheer joy interacting with faith filled leaders to transform foster care around our nation. We know that lives are being changed through the work of these dedicated people.

Please keep this week in your prayers as we strive to educate, motivate, inspire, and train. The days are long and full of so much information. Please pray for each new director and their team and that God would show up and enlarge their perspective and increase their faith. Lastly, that they would go back home and launch new camps for foster kids!

Also, please pray for our team back in Bakersfield, CA as they continue to push forward the mission of restoring lives and transforming generations for former and current foster youth. They are doing a great job of holding down the “fort” and creating space for us to invest in others for replication of services and supports to foster children and youth. 

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