HQ of Hope Update

November 11, 2010 – 3:40pm

The HQ of Hope Campaign “It’s not alot of money to alot of people!” is in full stride. As of this blog, $6,730.00 has been

HQ of Hope as the Bank of America

donated to help Covenant pay off the HQ of Hope at 1700 N Chester! This is a great start but we need to keep moving forward and challenge others to get involved.

Please consider making a sizeable gift today to help us move into the HQ of Hope debt-free. This sounds like alot of money but it isn’t to alot of people. Today, a friend from Sacramento visited the offices and made a $2,000.00 donation. Why? Because he, and his family, believe in the work of Covenant and the extension of hope. He knows that “providing hope and love to abused and neglected children” works and it is from the heart of God. Please don’t consider your gift an expense but an investment.

Remember, we need your ideas to accomplish the goal of paying off the building. Our Sacramento friend made the suggestion of challenging 286 people to give $1,000.00. So, consider yourself challenged. Please challenge others as well. Another donor from Bakersfield came up with some creative ideas we will implement soon. Here is what he had to say about giving to HQ of Hope:

Tiff and I now consider ourselves very minor share holders of Covenant’s HQ of Hope – I need to make myself my own stock certificate or something (suitable for framing of course). If I could afford it, I’d buy 51% of the 2860 available stock to become the majority share holder – just so I could get my own cubicle in there and smell the aroma of the coffee roasting. It’s one of those small eternal investments that are guaranteed to make dividends… can’t find that kind of guarantee in too many places.

Thanks! Thanks for giving so Covenant can continue to serve the dreams and goals of former foster youth, foster children and orphans around the world. Covenant desires to be an incubator for hopes, dreams and goals that lead to positive futures for former foster youth. This goal can be achieved as we invest into the lives of children and youth by investing into the HQ of Hope.

Another quote from Mike, our first $100.00 donor:

‘Covenant Community Services is moving up! Here’s our chance to get on the ‘ground floor’ of a great (eternal) investment that will pay more dividends than anything we’ll ever find on wall street. Only $100 a share and only 2860 shares are available! Check out hqofhope.com for more details.’

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