Hope is growing

Hope is growing. Daily, more individuals, families and businesses are partnering with Covenant Community Services to provide hope and love to abused and neglected children and youth. The community response to the Headquarters of Hope Campaign is continuing to grow despite tough economic times.

The Headquarters of Hope (HQ of Hope) campaign was launched late in 2010 to raise funds for the purchase of a new building to be the home of Covenant Community Services, Covenant Coffee and Covenant Media. The new space will allow Covenant to consolidate operations in serving and supporting foster children and former foster youth. Additionally, the HQ of Hope will provide vocational training and mentoring through the opening of the Covenant Coffee House.

Covenant Community Services, Inc. (Covenant) is a California nonprofit corporation with IRS 501(c)3 status. Covenant serves the community by serving foster children and former foster youth through a variety of unique programs and supports. The mission of Covenant is “providing hope and love to abused and neglected children”. The work of Covenant is accomplished by partnering with individuals, families, businesses, churches, community groups and traditional child welfare partners. Together, we are providing hope to hurting and confused foster children and youth.

The child welfare system is a safety net for families and children designed to be a temporary solution to broken and dysfunctional families. Unfortunately, the system cannot replicate the family structure designed by God to teach and mentor children to adulthood. As a result, many foster children leave the system with little or no skills and supports to usher success and hope.

The role of Covenant, and similar organizations, is to provide the services and supports that instill hope for a better future. Otherwise, youth that exit foster care fall victim to the horrific outcomes that await their emancipation. The answer to this epidemic of hopelessness is engaging youth with positive influences and committed relationships with safe, caring and compassionate adults. Could it be that you are the hope that these youth need?

Covenant needs compassionate volunteers, foster parents, and generous investors to continue to share hope in Kern County and around the world. To find out more about Covenant or the HQ of Hope check out the website covenant community services or visit our online coffee store at covenant coffee.

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