Hope Defined and Lived

Randy Martin and Former Foster Youth now a Fire Fighter!

Hope. Hope is a great word that invokes … well, hope!

Hope …  to desire with expectation of obtainment; to expect with confidence … hope!

Hope Lives Here is a motto of Covenant Community Services, Inc.. It comes from our mission, “providing hope and love to abused and neglected children”. We extend hope to foster children, former foster youth and families on a daily basis through compassionate case management, unconditional love, genuine concern and personal investment into the life of each person served. Covenant offers hope because we know the hopelessness most foster children and former foster youth face.

Hopelessness is a condition of being hopeless … “having no expectation of good or success” and “incapable of redemption, restoration or improvement”. Hopelessness is lame. It is the product of inattention and apathetic significant others that turn their back on duty, principle and calling to meet a personal need. Unfortunately, the lack of parenting, bonding and social training that the biological families of foster children deny these young souls results in the tragic state of hopelessness. The fact remains that the lack of attention breeds a horrific spiritual and social condition that needs a divine remedy as the only cure … hope!

Hope lives here is a motto and a lifestyle for the great members of the Covenant team. Foster parents, staff, volunteers, investors, prayer partners, and others that provide hope are all members of God’s army to share hope with the “fatherless”, the “orphan” and the modern-day equivalent – the foster child.  Will you help us extend hope? Will you help us share a positive future and positive expectation with foster children and former foster youth?

Covenant needs your help to reach foster children and former foster youth with hope and love. This endeavor cannot be accomplished by a few good souls alone. No, child abuse and neglect is a community problem that has community consequences and it needs a community response. This means that we need your help to reach foster children and former foster youth. I challenge you to ask yourself the daring question, “What can I do to help a foster child or former foster youth today?”

Give us a call at Covenant to discuss how you can help reach youth and children with hope and love. There are many opportunities from mentoring to teaching a class. You can give financially to help us move into a new building. You can support an orphan in Africa. You can pray for the youth and children in care. You can serve, support and pray! Just do something! Hope lives here should not just be a motto of Covenant but for every person that desires this world to be a better place and God’s Kingdom to be enforced.

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