Help fight for former foster youth in California

This message is urgent in nature and was compiled from the John Burton Foundation.

The THP-Plus Budget is being Considered in Budget Conference Committee and your advocacy for vulnerable former foster youth is needed.

The Budget Conference Committee will be voting on the THP-Plus budget tomorrow, February 25th. The purpose of the Conference Committee is to review and take action only on those budget items where the Assembly and Senate took different actions.

The Assembly Budget Committee voted to adopt the Governor’s proposed cut of $19 million to THP-Plus, while the Senate Budget Committee voted to reduce the Governor’s proposed cut to $5 million.

What action can we take today?
We encourage THP-Plus providers, participants, county liaisons, and advocates to make phone calls to the offices of the committee members. Urge the Assembly Members to adopt the Senate Budget Committee’s proposal and demonstrate their commitment to transition age former foster youth. Thank the Senators and ask them to maintain their support for THP-Plus in the Budget Conference Committee.

Please help vulnerable former foster youth today and call Chairman and Assembly Member Bob Blumenfield – it takes 45 seconds! Call 916-319-2040 and state your support for no cuts to THP Plus services to former foster youth- we are their safety net! The budget proposes a 19 million dollar cut that will send many Kern County and California youth to homelessness.

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