Greta’s Gift … Equal Sacrifice Unequal Gifts

December 11, 2010

Greta's Gift!

Last night Covenant held it’s annual Christmas Party for foster children, foster families, biological families and former foster youth. It was a wonderful night that was made possible by the hard work of the Covenant team and amazing volunteers and donors.

I am amazed each year when the Christmas Party comes around and folks give to make the party happen. Youth groups, church small groups, businesses, families and individuals all give and serve to make the party a wonderful event for each foster child and youth that attend. Thanks for giving and sharing your life.

Last night I was caught off guard when one of our team members stated her daughter had a surprise for me. I walked over to find Greta, a beautiful seven-year old girl, smiling with her hands behind her back. Mom, Leah, told me that Greta had saved her allowance and wanted to give it to the building for the foster youth! Wow! I gave Greta a big hug and snapped a quick picture of the special occasion. Thanks Greta for having God’s heart at such a young age … you are an encouragement to us all!

Greta’s gift reminded me of the principle of unequal gift but equal sacrifice. Greta gave all she had and even though it is $5.00 it represents 100% of her income. That’s impressive and amazing! I am encouraged by Greta’s gift. If a child catches the vision I know that others will as well. It is my prayer that we all exercise “child like” faith and open our hands to bless others.

Thanks again Greta! You are a heroine!

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