Governor Brown’s Decentralization Plan needs a carve out for Foster Youth Services

Governor Brown’s decentralization plan looks good and will fund education at a higher per capita rate but at what cost to foster children and youth?

As the attached article at the Chronicle of Social Change Article reveals, the proposed plan leaves to much to independent leadership of localities for the funding and execution of special services to foster children. Although this seems like a great idea we cannot take chances with children that have well-documented special educational needs.

Since the State of California is the “parent” of foster children then it should retain the responsibility, accountability and funding of services for it’s kids! By passing the decision-making and accountability down to the local level, the State is abdicating responsibility and turning it’s head to the educational needs of foster children. I find it remarkable that a “system” that removed children from a family due to abuse and neglect is now positioning itself to neglect the special educational needs of vulnerable children and youth.

The right thing to do as the “parent” of the thousands of school-aged foster children is to continue to fund and hold accountable special programs, like Foster Youth Services, and continue the incredible national model our State has developed.

Chronicle of Social Change Article

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