Foster youth shares hope

The following story is from the Kern County Department of Humans Services Independent Living Program (ILP) newsletter. ILP is a partner with Covenant Community Services in providing hope and love to abused and neglected children and former foster youth. The story was shared with a Covenant staff member and an ILP worker.

About Jonathan

Jonathan emancipated from foster care at age 18 and returned to live with his dad. The living arrangement did not work out.   Jonathan learned about the Building Blocks Transitional Housing Program (administered by Covenant Community Services)  from a friend and applied.  Jonathan moved into Building Blocks in March 2011 and quickly began to take advantage of the opportunities available through this program.  Jonathan began working as a volunteer for Covenant Community Services Inc. while attending Bakersfield College (BC) as a full-time student and looking for a job. 

Through connections with Covenant, and the Kern High School’s Career Resource Center, Jonathan was able to obtain employment with Rancho Rio Stables and then later at Dagny’s Coffee House located at the Dream Center.  Jonathan continues to attend BC and work.  Congratulations Jonathan, we are so proud of your accomplishments!

The Back Story

Jonathan experienced hope! At Covenant, we strive to serve former foster youth with more than a program or service but with compassionate care that focuses on hope. We understand the needs of former foster youth and desire to meet them with patience, mercy and by extending opportunities. Jonathan is a prime example of a youth that apprehended the opportunities and support provide. He caught hope!

About Covenant

Covenant is a faith-based nonprofit serving foster children and former foster youth. Covenant has 10 unique services and supports that cater to children 0-17 and young adults 18-24. You can learn more about Covenant at

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