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Covenant will begin a new feature on this blog that includes a recap of current news that we find worthy to share. There is so much information that comes out on a regular basis about foster care but most of it seems negative in scope. Thus, Covenant will strive to present an accurate yet balanced approach to sharing news and sharing hope. Our goal is to raise awareness and hope.

Foster care population drops for 6th straight year

“The number of U.S. children in foster care has dropped for the sixth straight year, falling to about 400,000 compared to more than 520,000 a decade ago, according to new federal figures demonstrating the staying power of reforms even amid economic turbulence.” Go to CBS NEWS STORY on FOSTER CARE

Los Angeles Judge and Advocate for Children targeted for what???

“That kind of admonishment also is typical of Pellman. She’s hard on social workers and on the lawyers who represent them. And she’s been at odds with the Department of Children and Family Services for years, dating to her time with the alliance, when Pellman fought to close the county’s orphanage and the department resisted. Given that history and her temperament, Pellman’s defenders believe that the campaign against her is not really about defending children so much as it is about retaliating against a judge who’s tough and sharp-tongued.” Read the entire story at NEWTON:Targeting an LA Judge

Amazing Journey from foster care to Annapolis

“This week 17-year-old Tim Cecil began his first year of post-high school military education at the Naval Academy Preparatory School, in Newport, R.I. After that he’ll spend four years at the U.S. Naval Academy in Annapolis, Md. He’s excited and a little nervous about this new adventure.” Read more here: Merced- Star Sun article on Tim Cecil

2012 KIDS COUNT Data Book Available online

“Each year, the Annie E. Casey Foundation’s KIDS COUNT Data Book provides information and data trends on the conditions of children and families in the United States. This year’s Data Book shows both promising progress and discouraging setbacks for the nation’s children. While academic achievement and health outcomes improved in most states, the economic well-being of children continued to decline.” Download from this link KIDS COUNT BOOK

Four Major Data Trends in Foster Care in California

“California is at a critical policy juncture in terms of ensuring better outcomes for children and youth in foster care, particularly for transition-age youth entering adulthood. Fifteen foster care indicators just updated on highlight four key trends affecting the 56,000 children and youth in California’s foster care system.” Read the full article at this link: KIDSDATA ADVISORY

Lasting Effects of Neglect

“Kids who are neglected, growing up without normal emotional and social interaction, have measurably different brain structure from other kids, according to a new study from researchers at Boston Children’s Hospital.” Read more: TIME MAGAZINE ARTICLE

This compiled news cache was organized by the team at Covenant Community Services, Inc. (Covenant). Covenant is a nonprofit dedicated to restoring lives and transforming generations. You can find out about our work at the Covenant Website, Covenant Coffee and Covenant Media.


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