Foster care news and notes

This is an online news summary of articles related to foster care, child abuse and neglect and former foster youth. The articles are compiled by the team at Covenant and posted for your use, education and awareness.

Soothe your soul and taste buds – This is a review of Covenant Coffee by Bakersfield Californian food critic Pete Tittl – thanks Pete for the kind words and great recommendation! To read the article click here.

Unfair – What about older foster youth and their families? – Huffington Post – To read the article click here. The national database on foster care statistics, AFCARS, reports that many youth are eligible for adoption but not included in the statistics. If youth have no permanent and safe connection upon emancipation their life outcomes turn bad quickly.

State’s Ready by 21 prepares foster youth for life Program helps kids who age out of foster care. The efforts include mentoring and life skills training. “Many agencies are working to give kids concrete skills, but all the skills in the world do not matter as much as having another human being who cares for you,” she said. “A significant adult in the life of each child will make the program succeed.” – go the article by clicking here.

Foster Care shortage in Texas leads to children sleeping in the Child Protective Services offices – When there are no families to serve and love abused and neglected children the State must turn to drastic measures. We need people to rise to the challenge and provide loving and compassionate homes. To read the article click here.

Fresno foster mother charged in child’s death– “While no one is blaming county social workers for not doing more to curtail the abuse, Mikayla’s ensuing death and the events preceding it are posing questions for a foster-care system that has seen problems in the past.” To read the article click here.

Rookie wideout Tyms runs toward future – This is an incredible story of a NFL player that came out of the foster care system and found a family through sport. To read the article go here.

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