Where to get great covenant coffee


Tin Cup Coffee
1101 E Lerdo Hwy Shafter CA

Seven Oaks Country Club
2000 Grand Lake Drive Bakersfield CA 93311

The Silver Fox Starlite Lounge
702 18th Street Bakersfield CA 93301

Pyrenees Cafe
601 Sumner St Bakersfield CA 93305

24th Street cafe
1415 24th Street Bakersfield CA 93305

725 E 19th St Bakersfield CA 93305

Jim Burke Ford & Lincoln
5300 Gasoline Alley Drive Bakersfield CA 93313

Rio Bravo County Club
15200 Casa Club Drive  Bakersfield CA93306

Templor Brewing Company
3200 Buck Owens STE 200 Blvd Bakersfield CA 93308

Sully's Chevrons(Multiple Locations):
4833 Buena Vista Rd
6009 Coffee Road
114000 Ming Ave
9709 Olive drive
250 Coffee Road