Covenant Christmas Open House for Foster Youth

You’re invited to the
Covenant Christmas Open House
4:00-7:00pm December 8, 2017
Come Out and Kick-Off the Holiday Season with Covenant!
Join Covenant for an Open House from 4:00pm – 7:00pm on December 8, 2017  at 1700 N Chester Ave. in  Bakersfield , California! We will have a taco bar, festivities and a great time celebrating the birth of Jesus and our services and support to current and former foster youth!
We want to make Christmas special for families and foster youth. Please help by bringing a gift card or purchasing toys  for the children (birth to 7 ears old both genders). Think of Target, restaurants, tree lots, Walmart, etc. for the gifts. Or, you can send in a donation or give online and we will do the shopping for you.
Watch the Christmas Open House video here!
Holidays Matter to You and they matter to Youth!
Come and join us and meet some of the youth we serve. They don’t bite! Come out and meet and mingle and share some time with people. There are many ways to get involved. Give us a call and find out how to engage.
Covenant serves over 100 foster youth and former foster youth every day! Most days, we serve at least 150 and can climb as high as 200 depending on what we are doing. That being said, please help and engage a youth this Christmas with your generosity and hope.
We need gifts, gift cards. or donations for youth ages 18-25 and children ages birth to 7 years old. Thanks in advance for partnering.
All donations are tax-deductible as Covenant is a 501(c)3 with Tax ID 42-1584502
If you are a business, please think about partnering as a sponsor of the party! We will blast all donors out via social media and other recognition as you desire.
Merry Christmas!
Randy Martin

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