Community Suppports Foster Youth Services

Covenant Community Services, Inc. (Covenant), is a nonprofit 501(c)3 based in Bakersfield, California. The mission of Covenant is “providing hope and love

David Dobbs of Imbibe Wines presents a donation to Randy Martin, Covenant CEO

to abused and neglected children”. Covenant accomplishes mission through partnerships with the local community including those from the faith, corporate and private sector.

Recently, Covenant has received funding from Imbibe Wines, Bakersfield, California’s premier wine source. David Dobbs, owner of Imbibe Wines, held a benefit tasting to support the efforts of Covenant in providing vocational skills training and mentoring to former foster youth. In addition to the generous donation of over $3,500.00, Dobbs sells the coffee roasted by Covenant in their store. According to Dobbs, it is a natural partnership that provides his customers with a high quality product that has a great story … helping former foster youth find success.

Imbibe is one of many local corporations that are selling Covenant Coffee due to the high quality and social impact. Covenant Coffee was created in 2008 to train, mentor and employ former foster youth. Each time Covenant sells two pounds of Covenant Coffee it provides employment for a former foster youth for one hour! The youth at Covenant Coffee learn valuable skills in customer service, sales, packaging, food service and basic employment domains.

Covenant is very thankful for companies like Imbibe that allow their corporate conscience to have an impact on a marginalized population of our community. Randy Martin, CEO of Covenant, states that “without people like David Dobbs and companies like Imbibe our mission will be incomplete. It is through community partnerships and buy-in that youth are encouraged and we can actually provide a job and hope.”

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