3 boxes (16 Count) of Covenant Coffee KCUPS - Colombian, Medium Roast

$60.00 $45.00

Origin: Colombia, South America

Process: Washed

Cupping Notes: Bakers chocolate. Citrus. Floral. 

Roast Level: Full City Plus Roast - (Medium-Dark) 

Details: Colombia Excelso EP

Grade: Excelso EP 

Region: Quindio 

Altitude: 1,450 M above sea level 

Varietal: Castilla 

Harvest Months: November to May

“ "Excelso" is a grading term for exportable coffee from Colombia, not related to variety or cupping profile. Excelso coffee beans are a screen size of 15- 16, versus Supremo beans which are screen 17. Often Supremo and Excelso coffee beans are harvested from the same tree, but they are sorted by size. These beans include good-to-large flat beans and some peaberries.”

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