Buy a Share of Hope Today – HQ of Hope Shares available

Sometimes Hope is offered by a Horse ... Covenant Horse Program!

The Headquarters of Hope Campaign is moving forward. At this rate, we should pass the $10,000.00 mark in the first 72 hours. Please help by purchasing a share of HOPE! Just $100.00 a share and you can be a part of purchasing the Headquarters of Hope so Covenant can move in debt free. The goal is $286,000.00! Thanks for being a part of the HQ of Hope Campaign.  

We are excited as we work with hundreds of former foster youth on a daily basis and they are catching the wave of God’s hope and love. When we talk with them about the HQ of Hope they become excited and filled with wonder. How is God going to accomplish such a large amount of money? Who will give? Where will it come from? This campaign has been an incredible discipleship tool and it is just days old!  

I was speaking to a friend today about HQ of Hope. The “It’s not alot of money to alot of people” movement is catching on and individuals, businesses and families are understanding the investment into HOPE! You are actually creating a place, a real location and center, for hope.  

Hope Lives Here - Kenny's Baptism in the Kern

Hope Lives Here is now more than ever a motto and soon we can say Hope Lives Here at 1700 N Chester Ave. Thanks again for helping Covenant share the message of hope and love to former foster youth, foster children and families.

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