Kenny using a Chemex

If you have come into Covenant Coffee you have probably noticed our multiple contraptions for making coffee. From the massive Yama Cold Brew Towers to a variety of pour over methods, we have the coffee brewing thing down.

Making coffee hasn’t always been so intimidating. However, the days of the drip coffee maker and percolator as the main machines are over. At last count, we have at least twelve different brew methods. Today, we want to shed light on the “why” behind the pour over method.

Here are the simple facts about pour over methods. It is called pour over because you simply pour hot water over ground coffee to produce the brewed coffee. Coffee enthusiasts prefer pour over methods as it provides a great amount of control over the end product … coffee.

Pour over methods allow the brewer to control the grind, water temperature, agitation, time water and coffee interact, and saturation. The result is increased control over taste and strength of the coffee.

The key aspects of the pour over method is the ground coffee, water temperature and coffee contact time. The grind must be fine enough to allow the most coffee particles to be in contact with the water. If the grind is too coarse the water will not penetrate the grounds thoroughly. Each pour over method has a specified or recommended grind size. Most are like table salt or sugar or finer.

The next critical component is hot water. You need water just off the boil. Cool water will not extract the essential oils that give coffee its incredible flavor and aroma.

Now that you have the water and grind down it is time to brew some coffee. Before you get too excited, remember to allow the coffee to bloom. Blooming the coffee means putting just enough water on the grounds to allow the coffee to “bloom” and the carbon dioxide to escape. When this is done right you will have bubbles form and pop on the ground coffee. After the bloom, about 30 seconds, you can begin the brewing process.

Each brewer has proven methods for creating a quality cup of coffee. Brewers and systems we use at Covenant Coffee include the BeeHouse Dripper, the Clever Dripper, the Kalita, the V60, and the Chemex.

Come in and enjoy a brew. Try all the methods and get one for home!

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