Covenant Coffee Invades DTLA for Coffee Fest 2018

Some of the Covenant Coffee Team attended Coffee Fest 2018 in downtown Los Angeles this week. The annual trade show features highlighted products and coffee related education to help coffee businesses and leaders stay connected and informed.

KCUP News - An exciting development for Covenant is the possibility of developing and packaging our own line of KCUPS for the growing single use coffee market. Currently, Covenant Coffee is awaiting a grant proposal notification to purchase a machine that will allow foster youth to grind, package, and sell KCUPS to the end user. The featured image shows a picture of Sam and Zach inspecting the table top KCUP pod filler. Stay tuned for more information! We have a limited supply of our Guatemala KCUPS so get yours before they are gone!

New Green Coffee - The team also participated in coffee cupping with green coffee importers. This is a key factor in obtaining wonderful coffees for you to enjoy. Each coffee's remarkable journey begins with caring hands in a farm far across the world. We then purchase these coffees from reputable importers that provide a fair and good wage for coffee to the farmer. The picture of the glassware in the featured image is from the coffee cupping with OLAM Specialty Coffee. At the cupping, we taste many varieties of coffee from Kenya, Honduras, Costa Rica, Ethiopia, and Brazil. Watch your email for the new coffee offerings.

New Products - The trade show also provides opportunity for the team to test and determine the products we think you will enjoy. As we grow this incredible social enterprise, we want to  make sure we are serving you, our customer and partner, with the same passion and commitment to excellence that we do as we serve the foster youth we help. At the show, we were able to touch, feel, and taste many new products that will soon hit our shelves, menu, and website. We have you covered just in time for early Christmas shopping!

Thanks for your support - Thank you for being a great partner in providing #hopeinacup. Please tell your friends about Covenant Coffee and help transform this small endeavor into a movement that provides hope around the nation. No dream is too big. You can play a major part as you purchase coffee and retail items and as you share the message of hope for foster youth. Thank you for the partnership.

Please make sure you stop by our new website. Also, check out our social media and tag and follow Covenant Coffee on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and in whatever platform you use. 

In your next email, look for the exciting new coffees we have coming in the roastery and for some stories of hope!



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