A Partnership in Hope

We like to brag about our partners. Here is a story about our partnership with Sangera Subaru in Bakersfield California. To frame the backstory we will tell you a little about Covenant.

Covenant Coffee is a social enterprise of Covenant Community Services (Covenant). At Covenant, our mission is providing hope and love to restore lives and transform generations for current and former foster youth. Through partnership with caring individuals, giving corporations, faith communities and generous volunteers, we are witnessing lives restored.

One of the great partners of hope is Sangera Subaru. Each Subaru dealership participates in the "love promise". Covenant is excited to share about how Sangera Subaru is fulfilling their love promise. In September of 2015, Sangera Subaru provided a delivery car for our coffee company. This beautifully wrapped Impreza has enabled former foster youth to work as delivery drivers, practice for drivers license tests, and make service calls to offices, cafes and restaurants. This is something that simply was not possible without Sangera's commitment to community.

One of the hashtags on the Covenant Coffee Subaru is #hopeinacup. Sangera Subaru has lived up to their "love promise" by caring for the community and for former foster youth. The sponsorship of a vehicle is more than a tangible method of "giving". The sponsorship and partnership gives hope as it proclaims to foster youth that the community cares ... that Sangera Subaru cares! This generous partnership speaks loudly and clearly of the community commitment and fulfillment of the "love promise" by Sangera Subaru. We proudly drive a Subaru and will share this story at every event on our journey of hope!

To learn  more about Covenant Community Services visit www.covenantcs.net 

To visit Sangera Subaru follow this link Sangera Subaru