A new journey

The past 17 years of my life have been dramatically shaped by Royal Family Kids Camps (RFKC). It all started when I raised my hand.

It was 1995 and I had just began attending Canyon Hills Assembly of God in Bakersfield, California. I was at a regular Sunday morning service when a bubbly, energetic woman bounced to the pulpit and made an announcement. It was Robin Robinson, the Children’s Pastor at the church.

Robin shared a vision the church had to reach foster children with God’s love through a week-long camp. I became excited and attempted to keep up with Robin’s speed and passion. There was a stirring in my heart to respond. When she made the call for help I raised my hand.

Here is the funny part … I was new to the church thing so I was unaware that her question did not require an immediate response. She saw my hand and acknowledged it but said to meet after church if you were interested in coming to RFKC. That is how my life serving foster children began. An inauspicious start to say the least.

Fast forward to the week of RFKC and I was not only a counselor but the bus driver, part time coach and general assistant. I fell in live with each child and was amazed at their resiliency and tenacity to survive.

Got to go now – the plane is leaving for Kansas where Kim and I will train 6 new RFKC’s to launch a camp.

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